Ready for Love (Forever and Ever #19)byE. L. Todd

Ready for Love (Forever and Ever #19)

Par E. L. Todd

  • Date de publication: 2015-03-30
  • Genre: Contemporain

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Roland and Heath are celebrating their one-year anniversary with a romantic dinner in Roland’s apartment. The night goes well, and Roland realizes he never wants their relationship to end. But when Conrad stops by the apartment, will Roland hide Heath like a dirty secret like he has so many times? Or will he finally tell his best friend who he really is?

Skye eats like a horse like usual, but when someone makes a joke that she might be pregnant, Cayson stiffens in fear. When he bluntly asks her if she is, her answer is no. But Cayson isn’t convinced.

Arsen and Silke are starting a new relationship, and their compatibility and playfulness are back. Arsen can’t believe he finally found the two women he loves more than anything, and he can’t imagine his life getting any better than it already is. But is Silke ready for the level of commitment he wants. Or does she still need more time?

Slade asks Arsen to hang out since he assumes they’ll be brothers-in-law someday. They play basketball together, eat together, and even talk about playing music together. But how will Cayson feel about Slade’s new best friend? Will this raise tensions?

Clementine tries to stay strong and steer clear of Ward, but what will she do when he surprises her at a show? Wills she push him away like she wants? Or will she cave because she simply can’t resist him?